Sunday, August 24

Monday, August 11

Crystal shopping- come check out these beautiful new Stones! We got some Spirit Quartz and Cactus Quartz and a lot of others...

Quilts back at the Wishing Well

Come get your Yarn at the Wishing Well to start a new Project!

Tuesday, August 5

Monday, June 2

Grimms wooden toys! We have lots and they are all 40% off right now during our end-of-the-year Wishing Well sale. (This is a great time to stock up on gifts for the coming year.)

Saturday, May 31

Mmmm, raw honey from the Bariani Family Farm north of Sacramento. Their bees feed throughout the year from their olive flowers and wild flowers, and it, along with everything else, is on sale right now! 

Tuesday, May 27

Woo hoo! The End-of-the-Year Wishing Well sale is on!
Everything is discounted. Time to stock up on stationary, candles, gifts, school supplies and more!