Friday, April 11

If you are looking for a fun Spring project, come have a look at these beautiful carved wooden blocks from India. I printed a piece of muslin using fabric paint. Kaki uses them to print her own wrapping paper. You could make table cloths, hand towels, curtains, and so much more. We have lots of blocks to choose from.

Wednesday, April 9

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes (1939), an Easter classic by the writer Edwin Du Bose Heyward. (You can read about Du Bose here.) Our copies come with sweet little golden shoes charms. 

Friday, April 4

It's time to get cracking on your Spring bunnies people! We have all kinds of cute origami paper in stock so come get your paper and then click here for instructions on how to make the adorable bunny you see above.

Thursday, April 3

We just got in these 100% light cotton Spring scarves in beautiful prints. Perfect for Mama's Easter basket.

Wednesday, March 26

Bless the gnomes, we have just gotten in a shipment of lava lamps. Guaranteed to delight small people. 

This very gentle and nourishing white mallow skin care line from Weleda contains extracts of pansy and white mallow, as well as borage seed, sesame and coconut oils. It has been endorsed by the National Eczema Association and we're told it's excellent for treating cradle cap. 

Weleda has several  new lines of hair care products, all free of heavy silicones, harsh sulfates, and synthetic preservatives and fragrances.  Besides smelling heavenly, the oat, millet and wheat strengthen strands, improve their structure and leave hair incredibly soft, shiny and manageable. 

Thursday, March 20

We just got in these light, colorful cotton scarves. They are pleated and dyed in Easter egg colors in the Japanese shibori tradition. 

Tuesday, March 18

These treasures from A.A. Milne feel like necessary books for children. 

Christopher Robin and friends.